The King of Hearts is a superb Tudor building located in the historic centre of Norwich, which hosts a variety of activities.

Two fine medieval halls house a Contemporary Art Gallery and a Music Room; a small craft shop serves as a showcase for East Anglian artists and also sells books: art, poetry and children’s stories. Four meeting rooms are available for training, lectures, working meetings, corporate entertainment or social occasions, and a lively CafĂ© and peaceful courtyard provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The architectural and historic interest, as well as the artistic feel of the building, make it a unique setting for a great variety of events.
Since its opening in 1990, the King of Hearts has developed into a meeting place for people and the arts, bringing to a piece of heritage the energy and creativity of contemporary life. It has created a welcoming environment where people can enjoy the arts in an unpretentious atmosphere, without any sense of exclusivity or elitism.
It is also a place of hospitality: in an age of anonymity and gigantism, the King of Hearts seeks to provide a small haven of beauty and relaxation, where personal service and quality events are offered without hype to everyone without distinction.